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We believe efficiency and consistency is the key to being successful in real estate. We have developed a way to contact For Sale By Owner, For Sale By Agent, and For Rent listings on a massive scale directly via text message to gauge motivation on whether or not the end seller is motivated and willing to work with us! This allows you to save costly time and energy by only focus on the low hanging fruit. Because we only focus on the low hanging fruit – we turn what used to be 1000 cold calls in to a much more manageable 60 – 90 warm/hot leads making you and your Virtual Assistant 10 to 20x more efficient. Cold calling and delegation has been the standard, but with automation, we are going to change the way you do business – forever.


There was one focus in mind after exploring the variety of opportunity in the real estate business – how to be efficient. How do I spend as little time as possible, but close as many deals as possible? There are many mentors in the real estate business. Their opinions all vary – some greater than others. However, they all agree on one thing. To be successful – you need to have a plan, and you need to be consistent.
Our goal was to set new grounds in the real estate investing business. We noticed that there really wasn’t many solutions available in the technology world that could generate leads consistently. Everybody – including myself was grinding away hour after hour making cold calls to try and earn business. Now we’ve created the solution by removing the barrier, and are able to help thousands of people change their lives.


We are extremely excited to say that our team members and partners consist of some of the world’s top mentors/coaches in the real estate investing business. Most of them specialize in creative financing techniques. By utilizing their training programs and mentorship/coaching this ensures you the fastest path to success. The best part about it is – you can get started with real estate investing with little/no money, and no credit. If you were referred or enrolled through one of our direct affiliate partners please reach out to your product provider/mentor/coach for exact steps on how to apply our automation techniques with their current training, or click on the Resources/Training tab at the top of the page to learn more.


If you’re ready to eliminate cold calling then click the button below. Feel free to browse the rest of the website if you need more information. Don’t forget to watch the brief 60 second informative video on the home page.

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Simplistic Features & Design

We provide a user friendly interface. You won't find features here that are full of fluff. Have peace of mind knowing the tools that are available to you will bring you results. All you'll need to do is: pull your data, send your texts, gather your leads, and make your calls. It's that simple.

Integrated Calendar

You'll be able to set up your campaigns so that you can effectively market at peak response times, which will increase your response rates.

Zillow Data Capture

We bring you data and leads from the #1 Real Estate website in the USA.

Integrated Text Messaging

You'll be able to send your marketing campaigns quickly and easily from inside the platform immediately after your data capture finishes. You'll also have the ability to import your own contact list.

Continuous Updates

We will continue to develop the platform to provide more data sources as we grow with demand. Our immediate future plans will be to add Craigslist. Additional features in future updates:"Silent Voicemail"(send voicemails direct without ringing the number dialed), Online video, audio, and e-book training with the latest strategies to compliment your business.

Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly

We are cloud based, so no software installation required. We proudly support all Desktop & Laptop Windows, Mac, and Linux configurations. We also support Android, Apple, and Windows Smart Phone and Tablet hand held devices.

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